[New Year’s Special] In 2015, 1712 Workplace Deaths in Turkey!

indirThe Workers’ Health and Work Safety Council (ISIG) announced that 1712 workers lost their life in reported workplace accidents. According to the stats of the ISIG Council, who send their workplace accident reports to the press on a monthly basis, in 2015 most deaths occurred in traffic collisions.

The workplace death report for 2015 counts 1593 men, 119 women, 63 children and 66 immigrants.

As for the most concerned sectors: there have been 414 deaths in construction and road work, 393 deaths in agriculture and forestry and 231 in the transportation sector.

The report acknowledges that 506 deaths occurred in traffic collisions and transportation and logistics services, 298 deaths occurred as a result of a crash or a collapsing, and 275 in deathly falls.

The cities with the highest number of workers dying at the workplace follow: İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Adana, Konya, Kocaeli.

The numbers in the monthly reports:
128 in January,
85 in February,
140 in March,
135 in April,
167 in May,
155 in June,
171 in July,
159 in August,
And 177 in September,
143 in October,
131 in November…
1712 workers have been sacrificed by the employers’ profit ambitions in 2015.



Translated from: http://www.atik-online.net/blog/2015-yilinda-is-kazalari-sonucu-1712-isci-hayatini-kaybetti.html

Originally published on 29.12.2015 on the news portal ATİK-online.