DHKC: Onur Polat is immortal

dersim-onur-aciklama-20160330-1The DHKC Ibrahim Erdoğan Rural Guerilla Unit Command, took resposibility for the action in Dersim this morning and released a statement with the title ”DHKC guerilla Onur Polat is immortal.”

NEWS CENTER (20.03.2016) – Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front (DHKC) made a statement with the name DHKC Ibrahim Erdoğan Rural Guerilla Unit Command, after DHKC guerilla Onur Polat lost his life in the morning in an action in Dersim.

In the released statement, it says the following: ”We say as DHKC Guerillas that from Dersim to all of Kurdistan, from The Toros to Mid Anatolia and Aegea, from The Black Sea to the Thrace and all the mountains, all the cities we will expand our war and defeat the enemy.

We say as DHKC guerrillas that not one reckoning that we have demanded will go unanswered.

We say as DHKC Guerillas we will answer every reckoning of our murdered comrades.

Our people!

By building dams in many parts Dersim, they want to leave Dersim under water. One of the reasons for this is, alongside it’s exploitation and increasing its haul the real reason is stopping guerilla warfare by letting many parts under water. We won’t permit them to let Dersim go under water.

Report every enemy of the people to us. The murderers, torturers, the dogs of AKP, informants, collaborators, traitors… Report every enemy of the people you know or see to us, the DHKC Guerillas.

The Enemies of the People, Murderers, Torturers You Won’t Escape the Justice of the People!

Nor your police stations, nor the headquarters you trust so much, nor your herons, helicopters nor your warplanes who rain bombs on the Kurdish people everyday, nor your military camps will protect you. Know this well! Everywhere you go you will face the justice of the people!

Expect us!

One by one, we will reckon for the cruelty you’re doing and send you to hell!

The digging shovel loving Governor of Dersim! The dog of AKP digging shovel Osman who continuesly is talking about how many bunkers, how many digging shovels they found. With those digging shovels we will dig your graves. From the dog of AKP, the digging shovel loving governor who decorates his room with the pictures of the enemy of the people Tayyip Erdoğan and his puppet Davutoğlu, to all the enemy of the people all of you will reckon for every blood you have spilled.

There’s no place for the enemy of the people in Dersim! We’re saying openly to the AKP, their dogs, the murderers of the people, the torturers, traitor, informants, those who rob and exploit the people. Stop being an enemy to tizmir-cephe-yazilama-20160330-3he people and beg pardon, or you won’t be able to escape the justice of the people!


To take reckoning for Günay Özarslan you murdered;

Dilek Doğan you murdered;

Çiğdem Yakşi and Berna Yılmaz you murdered;

To take reckoning for the Kurdish people you wage savagery, slaughter against;

To take reckoning for every one of our people you left without a shroud and grave;

To take reckoning the people of Anatolia who cursed you for thousand times, who you made vomit blood.

We conducted the action in Dersim.”

Translated from : http://www.halkingunlugu.net/index.php/g%C3%BCncel/item/7691-dhkc-onur-polat-olumsuzdur.html