Acquittal in the Trial against the Fan Club Çarşı

Carsi besiktasIn Turkey, even football fan clubs can be accused of terrorism and of an attempt at a coup d’état. Çarşı, an organized fan club of Beşiktaş, who was on the front line of the Gezi Revolt in 2013, has been since taken to court on charges.

The members of Çarşı have been found not guilty on all charges against them: ‘coup d’état attempt’ and ‘being a terrorist organisation’.

Çarşı, the Beşiktaş fan club, taken to court in the Gezi trial, has been acquitted on all charges of attempting to topple the government, creation and direction of a terrorist organisation, establishing and managing a criminal organisation, resisting police and opposing the ban on protesting.

A long prison sentence was called for against the 35 members of the fan club. The bill of indictment states, “Attempt at toppling the Government of the Republic of Turkey, attempt at preventing it from accomplishing its musts partially or totally, employing physical force and violence.”



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Originally published on 29.12.2015 by Agos.