More than 40 People Have Been Killed by Chemical Weapons in Yüksekova

yuksekova- gasAccording to the latest information, the Turkish army made use of chemical weapons against civilians and YPS militias that are protecting the city of Yüksekova in North Kurdistan (Turkey). The city’s population, which is already suffering from the occupation and the bombardments, is presently left to face this crime against humanity alone.

According to the information passed by the HDP deputy, Nihat Akdoğan, the residents of Yüksekova’s neighbourhoods, in which the use of chemical weapons was reported, said on the phone that they “were no longer able to breathe”. The death of more than 40 persons caused by the use of chemical weapons was reported in this city, where Turkish militaries were seen wearing gas masks.

NEWS CENTRE: The elected members of HDP requested emergency aid for Yüksekova’s (Hâkkari) neighbourhoods, in which the Special Forces of the Palace were seen wearing gas masks. The HDP deputy of Hâkkari, Nihat Akdoğan, announced having received information confirming that more than 40 persons, among them many civilians, were killed as a consequence of chemical weapon usage.

According to the information provided by DİHA, as Akdoğan received reports of chemical weapon usage, she attempted to contact the prefect of Hâkkari and the governor of Yüksekova. Without success.

The civilians of the neigbourhoods of Eski Kışla, Mezarlık and Orman, in which the gases were detected, confirmed having not being able to breathe. These testimonials were given by phone: “We do not know what sort of gas was used here, but the people are in a very difficult situation. Between 30 and 40 persons have been completely burnt.”

“We could not breathe. Save us, they are burning down our houses. They are using a different gas here,” declared a mother.



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Originally published on 19.03.2016 by Etha Haber Ajansı.