Death Threats to Children and Elected Representatives, Hundreds of Arrests: This here is Kurdistan!

We felt that a special type of operation was in preparation in Turkey’s Kurdish cities, here the first news. Just as in 1980, when the operation against the city of Fatsa, on the Black Sea, brought with it the first sign of a coup d’état, the cities of Cizre and Silopi are completely besieged by the joint forces of the army and the police. Tanks are occupying the streets. We can already count hundreds of arrests, 1 child dead and elected representatives of the people arrested.

Newsroom: Following the State’s autorisation of massacres “neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood, door-to-door, street-by-street”, the military alongside the police have turned to action, especially in the cities of Cizîr (Cizre), Silopi, Sûr and Colemerg (Hakkari). Breaking doors, they made about one hundred arrests, they executed an 11 year-old child on the street and pronounced death threats as they assaulted a deputy’s house.


The resistance continues in the neighbourhoods as the army, supported by their tanks tries to take over control. The populations of the neighbourhoods Nur, Cudi and Yafes are targeted by artillery fire of the tanks which are stationed high on the mountains. According to the information acquired, in Nur, the militaries have occupied those streets on which the citizens were not able to dig out trenches. They searched every apartment breaking through the doors. Aside from that, Salih Edim, an 11 year-old child was executed by the officers of the Special Units with a shot to the head at point blank range. The representatives of HDP that wanted to enter the city were stopped by the police and the army.


The joint occupation by the army and the police continues. In the “door-to-door”attacks, Fehat Encü, deputy of Şirnex (Şırnak) was arrested. The apartment in which the co-mayors of the city, Seyfettin Aslan and Emine Esmer, were meeting, as well as a journalist from DİHA news agency, was attacked and the persons inside received death threats.

In the neighbourhood of Cumhuriyet, the citizens succeeded in repelling an attack from the joint forces by using the bodies as shields to interfere with the advancement of the tanks. The neighbourhood of Yeşiltepe suffered very violent attacks. The Special Units of the State broke down the doors to all the apartments on the streets which had not been protected by civilian-dug trenches. The army and the police conducted an assault by firing from armoured vehicle convoys.

Hundreds of people, gathered in the neighbourhood of Şehit Harun, marched protesting against the occupation up until the neighbourhood of Barbaros, shouting “Bijî berxwedana Silopi!” (Long live the resistance of Silopi) and “The attacks will not silence us!”

16.12.15 2


The students of the University of Hakkari and the College of Yüksekova blocked the campus and declared an unlimited strike in solidarity against the massacres in Turkish Kurdistan. Following this, the Special Units staged an attack on the campuses, taking into custody 13 members of the Colemerg Students’ Association (CÖDER).


The citizens demonstrated the entire day against the massacre politics of the AKP government. Whereas there are currently demonstrations in the entire region, altogether about 100 persons have been put under arrest.



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Originally published on 16.12.2015 in Özgür Gelecek.