A war lasting more than 50 years in Colombia…

FARCThousands of martyrs, tens of thousands of prisoners… 300,000 dead… Despite all that the point reached is not victory but surrender…

On 23rd June, 2016 after four years of talks in Havana, it was declared that FARC had reached a final agreement with Colombia. Numerous times FARC has started peace talks with various governments since the start of the 1990s but these were always interrupted, in particular by Colombian state murders of FARC commanders or large-scale operations aimed at the guerrillas. The war started against the policies, massacres and poverty implemented by the Colombian state has concluded not with victory but with the FARC rebellion engaging in a gradual but growing act of surrender which it is working to get the people to accept.

The talks in Havana are not a FARC victory but surrender to the killers! And it is FARC itself which best knows what the talks mean. The Colombian state kept no promises – it knows this, as it knows from killed commanders like Alphonso Cano, the bombing of headquarters and the murdered fighters. In every peace process the Colombian state has sought with massacres to sow despondency and destruction among the people.

But even with these realities they did not step up the war and fight on till victory, but left the battlefield in return for crumbs of rights, and the FARC of Colombia which sees this as convenient must turn its face to the people. For the villagers who have been displaced, for more than 5,000 trade unionists murdered, for tens of thousands of FARC prisoners and the deaths of 300,000 people, the war should be stepped up rather than ended through conciliation.

Sitting down with a Colombian state that has the blood of thousands of workers and FARC fighters on its hands, what kind of peace will FARC make?

Yes, tens of thousands of people have died in this war but while saying you want to end the people’s war, the Colombian state had to sit down and talk to rebels and was pushed into a corner, this does not mean an end to the war! The only thing that will end the war is victory by the people. The agreement ends no war, on the contrary, all it does is leave the people defenceless before the killers! In Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, there were peace talks and the people are still attacked and dogged by poverty.

Does FARC believe that signing this agreement will stop people being killed? Agreements have always brought more massacres and surrender just means more blood and tears for the people. It is the people who believed in the first place in organisations that surrender and leave the people defenceless who end up paying the highest price for these organisations’ hopelessness and fear. Talk of “peace” can never be accepted from those who have surrendered to the enemy and left the people defenceless against imperialism and its collaborators. The FARC agreement with imperialism and the Colombian state will open the way for the people to be massacred. It is the Colombian state they are talking to that has turned Colombia into a centre for drugs and mafia, and imperialism that gives it every kind of support. FARC giving up armed resistance does not just mean giving up weapons, it will also mean the surrender of the people. Among the people there will not be a decline in deaths, unemployment and hunger will grow and it can be expected at any moment the people will be murdered by paramilitary forces, mafia or the state carrying out large-scale attacks on them.

The ELN sat down at the peace talks after FARC, but after operations that revealed the Colombian state’s true face in its attempt to impose its peace, the ELN saw in a more concrete fashion what was happening and since the start of July it has been attacking military bases and police stations. The Colombian state’s treachery and the reality of its class nature and behaviour have emerged clearly. Today there are intense attacks on the ELN, in the following days these will doubtless also intensify agaiFARCRojavanst FARC.

The peoples of Latin America know very well the destruction wrought by surrender and the turn from liberation war to petit bourgeois parliamentarism. To protect its own class interests, the bourgeoisie will not hesitate to engage in any kind of massacre! It is an honour to fight for freedom when imperialism and its collaborators launch attacks that escalate from one moment to another. We call on FARC, and on Cuba which hosted the talks, to turn their faces to the peoples of the world who resist imperialism.

The agreements made leave the people defenceless and unarmed in the face of imperialism. FARC should point its guns at the bourgeoisie everywhere in the world, it cannot be accepted that it hand them over to a UN that has been a partner in massacres! We say that we will not be the victims of imperialism, we will be its executioners. But peace will come with victory, when the imperialists and their collaborators have been driven out and eliminated. Our call to all the world’s peoples and fighting Marxist organisations is, we are right and we will win. Victory only belongs to those who do not surrender. Turn and look at the resisting peoples in the Middle East and Asia who did not surrender and at the people’s wars which established socialism in the course of our history. You will see that no victory was established easily. We too can die, in seven years of the Death Fast resistance we died day by day, we gave 122 martyrs but not we but the oligarchy surrendered. The People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey (THKP-C) lost all its cadres on 30th March 1972 in an operation by the oligarchy, it was destroyed as an organisation and the imperialists were delighted. But the thoughts and the heritage they created make us fight and will live on. FARC too should look to its own history, and must turn to the commanders who did not surrender and to its martyrs! Sitting down at the table with imperialism will not bring peace and victory but more massacres!

FARC’s peace with the Colombian state is surrender!

Surrender will just bring more massacres and tears to the people of Colombia!

FARC must turn its face not to the imperialists but to the fighting and resisting peoples of the world!

Imperialism will be defeated, the peoples that resist will win!

We will not be the victims of imperialism, we will be its executioners!

Halk Cephesi (People’s Front) – International Relations Committee
e-mail: antiemperyalistresist@gmail.com