The HBDH took action against Trabzon riot police, 11 policemen were killed

13076763_599685446859615_7967730231147377303_nREDACTION (21/07/2016) – The Revolutionary United Movement (HBDH) has taken action against the police of Maçka district of Trabzon.

On July 19, an action was taken by the HBDH to commemorate the anniversary of the massacre of Suruç and 11 members of the riot police were executed.

This statement was made: “On July 19 at 8:30 am, our activists organized an attack against the riot police in the district of Maçka in Trabzon in industrial sites. 15 riot police were attacked, several were injured and 11 were killed. Meanwhile, the police buildings were the targets of automatic gunfire.

This action was organized to commemorate the martyrs of the Resistance of July 14, on the anniversary of Suruç fascist massacre near Urfa. After the attack, the fascists had attacked the Kurds in the region.”

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